Cristina Twigg

Copywriter, Technical Writer, Blogger

Cristina is a creative writer who really can think outside the box. It was this quality that got her noticed during her days as a receptionist sending out company-wide emails about agency events. Generally, e-mails were meant to be formulaic and deliver the same message every week: "It's Friday, we're cleaning the fridge." But, Cristina quickly grew bored of that, and decided to take matters into her own hands. Her emails became a little more exciting, "Intruders plan to break into our kitchen today, save your food—remove them from the fridge before innocent meals are taken!". After a few months of those weekly entertaining emails, the powers that be asked if she wanted to get into copywriting, and she's been doing that ever since.

Cristina's an independent worker who is eager to take on a new challenge and is constantly pushing for more. She's an excellent communicator, much like her father who's a diplomat. She learned from an early age that choosing your words and tone carefully can go a long way to achieving great things. Add that to her powerful imagination, attention to detail, and ability to foster camaraderie and team-love in the work place, and you've got a copywriter who brings life and enthusiasm to every project.

She started her writing career working for Pharmaceutical advertising for professionals, writing brochures, websites, Facebook posts—anything really—for doctors, nurses, or PAs. Cristina's ability to take highly technical information and distill it into a more digestible form is what strengthened her ability to write for almost any audience. Be it for a 6th grade reading level, or for a highly trained physician, she can do it.

Cristina's lived in 7 different countries. She speaks English and Portuguese fluently, Italian semi-fluently, and survivor Japanese—meaning, she won't die in Japan due to her inability to communicate. She and her husband are Karaoke fanatics (yes, they have a karaoke set up in their unfinished basement), she's loved unicorns since waaaaaay before they became popular (over 15 years ago, darn it!), and her biggest passion/goal/love/obsession is world travel.

Industries Served
Pharmaceuticals, Health/Beauty/Wellness, Real Estate, Childcare Services, Nonprofit/Community.

Proudest Career Achievement
In my second year of copywriting, my art partner Nora and I worked tirelessly coming up with new campaign ideas for a contact lens brand. There were over 6 teams presenting dozens of concepts, and at the end of the day, the client chose our campaign to be the new face of their brand. It was an incredible accomplishment, especially so early on in my career. I channel that energy and excitement into every project since!

What I'm working on now
I'm enjoying the freelance world and focusing on doing work that feels right. I'm writing blog posts for a skin care company I believe in, and helping a Real Estate Broker update all his materials, while running my own childcare company on the side. I'm ready to expand my horizon into industries I'm new to. Every new industry presents an opportunity to learn and grow, and that's exactly what I plan to be "working on" as my career progresses—constant growth.