Lisa Collard

Marketing, Messaging & Social Media Manager

Lisa has been developing a wide range of skills as a communications specialist for over 20 years. Her areas of expertise include social media and content management and digital marketing.

Finding the “wild west” of social media thrilling, Lisa welcomes the challenge of exploring unfamiliar ideas and new technologies. Her goal is to help clients understand, and put into context, the ever-changing online world to meet their marketing and social outreach needs.

She has worked with a diverse range of clients from dental offices to large national media companies to Reiki practitioners. Lisa excels at helping each business develop a unique online voice.  She then reaches the target audience through social media planning, outreach, and execution. Helping clients with a limited social media presence become powerhouses in their niche is one of the highlights of Lisa's work.

In social media, not all channels are created equal. Choosing the correct outlets for the marketing goal is critical for success. It's even more important for converting traffic. Lisa stays ahead of trending social media platforms, best practices, and insights to meet those goals.

A few of her areas of specialties include overseeing social property set-up, revisions, and design; planning social marketing campaigns by recommending the budget, targeting, audience demographics, and social content that results in conversions; managing paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others; analyzing data and insights from social campaigns; curating interesting content and crafting unique posts for social media.

You can find examples of some Lisa’s client work on her website

In her spare time, Lisa is writing a book about her first two years of full-time travel as a digital nomad who sold her house, car, and life to see the world. Stay tuned for "Activities Are Not Encouraged During Bad Weather." She is also an avid mountain biker with the bruises to prove it. And perhaps most oddly, she’s obsessed with curling. Long before it became “cool” she learned about it covering newspaper assignment, joined the local team, and now plays whenever she gets the chance.