Lisa McAlister

Writer / PR Strategist / Communicator

Lisa McAlister is a writer and communications professional who provides public relations campaign strategy and internal communications plans. Creating a consistent voice across all platforms while identifying the purpose of content is one of her specialties. Her expertise includes community engagement, project management, content creation and management and special programming promotion. She has worked extensively with several non-profit organizations including the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, Her Many Voices, Von’s Vision and the Better Business Bureau.

Some of Lisa’s notable nonprofit projects include creating a corporate engagement plan for YWCA of Boulder County to increase engagement with current and prospective corporate donors and partners. Lisa’s extensive leadership experience includes her current Board Chair position for the Denver Better Business Bureau Foundation and former Board position with the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County. In that role, she led the organization through a complete restructuring of resources and programming in order to work more efficiently in the community and better support the 8,000 accredited business members. She has participated in the 50 for Colorado Leadership Program, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, a statewide executive leadership program focusing on the industries that make up Colorado’s vibrant economy. Lisa has also served on the Board of Directors for the Public Interest Internship Experience, University of Colorado, Boulder, a program to encourage civic leadership by promoting internship opportunities and supporting students interested in effecting the public interest.