Nathan Johnson

Full-stack Developer

Nathan Johnson went to graduate school for computational meteorology and has been a fan of large data sets ever since. He graduated with a Master of Science degree in Atmospheric Sciences. His graduate research involved integrating hardware and software systems, writing computational weather models, and using statistics to tease out statistically significant noisy data.

He has been developing WordPress themes and plugins for over 10 years. He has worked with small business owners to develop their UX and wire-framing, and redesigned websites for non-profit organizations, including Surrey Christmas Bureau. With an extensive past teaching students about the complexities of meteorology, he’s patient and thorough when teaching our customers how to use the WordPress platform. He has contributed to multiple open source software projects, including WordPress. He is fluent in PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery, and proficient in C, C++, C#, and FORTRAN.

Industries served:
New Tech/SaaS/IT, Nonprofit/Community, Health/Beauty/Wellness, Sports/Outdoors, Real Estate, Food & Beverage.

Proudest Career Achievement:
Coding my first fully-custom website! Although I'd been building sites for years, working within the limitations of pre-existing WordPress themes didn't allow the custom solutions I wanted to provide clients. As I got more involved in the UI and working with clients I started to push the custom development. Although most of my work now is custom, the first site was a great learning experience.

What I’m working on now:
I just wrapped some updates to an automotive-industry SaaS client's fully-custom WordPress site that I built last year. I’m currently building another fully-custom WordPress site for an upscale art service in Aspen, Colorado. Carolyn and I did the wireframing with the client and she's created a visually stunning layout based on an art gallery look and feel. I've come up with some transitions and effects that highlight the visual effect the client is going for. I'm also working on a website for a worker in the DC area, a real estate team also in the DC area and start in a week on another SaaS client's fully-custom site redesign.

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