SuzAnn Bahnsen

Brand Strategist / Director of Marketing

Having more than 17 years of sales and marketing success allows Suzi to have a unique understanding for both brand and sales achievement. She has consulted for hundreds of companies over the last 2 decades as a brand and marketing consultant and as a business owner of Launchpad Interactive and now Turn Left Marketing. Her skillset and understanding of client issues is heightened by her own experience most recently as a CMO and Sr. Marketing Director. Prior to that, Suzi received awards as a top Application Specialist for Oracle and top Account Executive and Sales and Marketing Manager helping businesses access international markets in the EU, Japan, China and Russia. 

Suzi loves relationship building (not just happy hour) but also connecting the right talent to the right client. She prides herself on understanding the psychology of why people make decisions to take action and loves helping her clients reach their goals. Her industry background spans several interests including her passion for emerging technology, architecture, green-focused real estate, finance and healthy living. 

Suzi has never met a puppy she didn't love. Travel, the outdoors and Crossfit make her heart smile. She loves to laugh and share stories and she's always up for a challenge. She is currently working on her first book and has launched a blog to share marketing direction under her new married name